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Better Hotel Wi-Fi for Higher Guest Satisfaction

Taken a look at your TripAdvisor ratings lately? If things are looking ugly, there may be a simple explanation: bad Wi-Fi. 83 percent of hotel guests take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, and 36 percent won’t rebook if they had one. You can invest all you want in snazzy rooms and fancy lobbies. If your guests can’t get a strong, consistent wireless connection—for all their devices and multimedia applications, everywhere on your property—they won’t be coming back. 


Don’t stress though, Ruckus has you covered. There’s a reason why 70 percent of the hospitality market—and 86 percent of the world’s luxury properties—rely on Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi. We can help you deliver world-class wireless connectivity that your guests can brag about. 


  • Purpose Built for Hospitality

  • Requires Fewer Access Points

  • Mitigates Interference

  • Smart Wi-Fi Products

  •  More Users Connected

  •  Stronger Signals

  • Faster Connections

  •  Wired and Wireless Application

  •  Rich Analytics

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