IP Guest Services

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The iPGS mobile application is designed to enrich the technology experience of the guest and empowers them with all relevant and up-to-date content at their finger-tips. The solution enables the hotelier to communicate & promote revenue generating services to the guest in a structured but noninvasive manner. Replace the traditional paper based in–room welcome pack and directory of guest services with a complimentary, multi-lingual, interactive app that is suited to the modern day traveller. Whether it is displaying restaurant menus, controlling in-room systems (e.g. air conditioning, lights, blinds), booking your spa treatment or searching for the golf tee off times – the iPGS mobile app is your pocket concierge. Designed for the guest to download and use on their smart devices, iPGS is freely available on the Android & iOS online stores. Bespoke design & branding enables the hotel to maintain 24 x7 x 365 presence on their client’s devices.


  • Guest BYOD

  • Guest Content Delivery

  • PMS Integrated

  • Convenient Access

  • Ease of Use

  • Wake Up Set / Clear

  • Explore the Hotel

  • Interactive Room Services

  • Targeted Advertisement

  • Guest Relations Information



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