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IP Connect

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For four decades Mitel has enabled hotels around the globe to improve their communications. As a leading hospitality
solutions provider, Mitel call hospitality applications enable hoteliers to enhance and improve the overall guest
technology experience. IP Connect provides a management platform to optimize the guest and conference delegate
High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) service. The application empowers the hotelier to completely manage the internet
services including the ability to control traffic and guarantee dedicated bandwidth for large events and guests who have
opted to pay for the premium service.

Quality of Service (QoS) is managed and based on access speed, bandwidth usage and service duration. Access can be
tiered to provide a limited service with upgrade options for those willing to pay for a better internet experience. IP
Connect provides tracking of user activity and complies with many in-country regulations.

The benefits include improved guest connectivity, the ability to deliver a true “home away from home” traveler
experience, better managed wired/wireless network access, comprehensive integration with leading PMS systems, and
ultimately increased revenue streams.


  • Hotspot Manager

  • Mobile Application

  • Portal Page Management

  • Room/Port Management

  • Billing Plan Management

  • User Management

  • Revenue Reports

  • Passthrough and URL Filtering

  • Dynamic Traffic Shaping



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