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Increase connectivity between guest and hotel
Connecting with guests during their stay is important and since guests are mobile, hotels need to think mobile. With iConnect, hotels can contact guests anywhere on the hotel property including the golf course, hotel restaurants, spa, pool and so forth. The guest’s mobile becomes an extension of the hotel PBX, making it simple for the hotel to contact the guest. Guests can use their mobile device to request hotel services including wakeup requests, housekeeping, room service, and maintenance requests.

Telephone revenue opportunity
Hoteliers are always looking for new ways to upsell to their guests. With iConnect, hotels can do this easily by offering call bundles to capture telephony revenue. Another option, which has become increasing popular as mobile device usage continues to grow at a strong pace, is to upsell hotel services via proximity and location awareness. For example, when a guest is walking through the hotel, hoteliers can promote the spa or hotel restaurant by pushing special offers to the guest’s mobile device.


  • Secure SIP telephone client

  • Location aware

  • Simple registration and authentication process

  • Native XML content

  • Embedded browser content

  • Provide customized guest content

  • Authentication via PMS interface

  • Android support ™

  • iOS support™



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