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iCharge delivers first class performance in the integration of Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), IPTV, Guest BYOD and Call Accounting within a single application. This is a proven solution and has defined the standards for hotel groups on a global basis.


iCharge can be premise based, deployed in a virtualised environment, or hosted above property in a private or public data center and operated as a SaaS model. The ability to integrate via bi-directional interfaces to 3rd party applications such as Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, HSIA and IPTV in real-time is at the core of the iCharge technology.


iCharge provides a platform for interconnecting all front and back office applications either in a single hotel or across a multiple properties with centralised management systems. The application has a comprehensive list of call accounting features and functionality that can enable hotel staff to easily manage the voice billing for the guests and administration teams.


  • Voice Billing

  • Data Billing

  • PBX 2 Way Integration

  • PMS 2 Way Integration

  • Voicemail 2 Way Integration

  • High Speed Internet Access

  • 2 Way Integration

  • TV 2 Way Integration

  • Room Status

  • VIP Registration

  • Message Waiting



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