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Frontier Computer Corp.
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Stop worrying about your IT, let us handle it...

As a premier provider of an entire lineup of technology services for some of the top names in hospitality, Frontier is positioned to fullfill your every need.  In fact, we've been doing just that for over 35 years.

Founded and still operated by a veteran of the technology industry, Frontier has weathered the passing storms and bubbles of technology in the hospitality industry.  We have, and still service properties ranging from small motorcourts to 1,000+ room highrise mega-properties. More importantly, we service them all with the same can-do, get-connected attitude.  We focus on the needs of your guests and staff first, since we believe this guest-centric approach ultimately supports your most important asset - YOUR clients!


We approach every installation, service call, and troubleshooting request with a mentality that says "Get them Connected".  Whether this refers to a single guest connecting to the internet, or a hotelier contemplating a major overhaul of his/her telephone infrastructure across 100+ properties.  We unify your communications & data infrastructure to ensure that all equipment functions seamlessly, with the simplest interface by users possible.  We design all our systems to maximize security, both for your guests, as well as your staff.



Hospitality is what we DO... 


Because we offer a full suite of solutions for hospitality, you can rest assured that one call to Frontier will eliminate the need for up to 5 different vendors.  Internet, Security, Telephone, Structured Cabling, 24/7 Support for your guests & staff - all of your technology needs met under one roof!

For more than 35 years, Frontier has been serving the hospitality industry with a complete line of Telecom & Data offerings.